“I had tried to learn to drive several times in the past, and always lost my nerve for one reason or another.  When I contacted Sue, it was my final attempt to learn to drive as I was over 50.  I chose Sue because her advert said that nervous learners were especially welcome.  I expected to take a long time to learn and it took me quite a while to feel that I was even ready to sit the Theory test.  I played the CD that Sue lent me every night for weeks until I felt I had a good chance of passing first time.  I was a very nervous student indeed, Sue was always very patient and encouraging and let me go over and over the manoeuvres until I felt confident enough to sit my practical test.  I passed my driving test first time, and it still seems like a miracle to me that I have finally achieved this goal.  It has made a huge difference to my life.  Thank you Sue !”

Abi Fawcus