I think at first I may have presented Sue with a slight challenge. My only driving experience before coming to live in England was riding a motorbike on the Indonesian island of Bali.  Road discipline in Bali is almost non-existent, driving Bali's roads can be described as random at best and suicidal at worst.

Sue took on board easily the bad habits that I had gained because of this, along with the cultural and language differences also. 

Sue is a kind, patient and very professional teacher and has the ability to calm down nervousness. The car she uses is great and perfect for learner drivers. 

I passed my test at the first attempt and am very happy about this.

It is fantastic that now I have the freedom to drive alone, although I shall miss driving with Sue as I felt we were friends from day one.

I would recommend Sue to instruct and guide any learner driverand they can be confident in her teaching methods and comprehensive knowledge of all things to do with cars and driving.

Many, many thanks Ayu.

Abi Fawcus