Refresher Courses


Enhancing and Updating Existing Driving Skills.

If you already possess a UK driving licence and have been driving for a number of years, you may benefit from a refresher lesson. I will assess your driving and any ‘bad habits’ that may compromise your road safety . These will be brought to your attention and guidance will be given in order to regain a good standard of driving.

The majority of road traffic collisions are due to driver error, mainly due to lack of concentration, which leads to failure to anticipate developing hazards and deal with the situation safely. You may be surprised at how much more you can learn and what you can do to heighten your awareness to deal with today’s hazards.

Updating your driving skills can also help reduce the risk of an Insurance Claim which would be an expensive penalty. Another benefit is being re-educated in the modern speed limits and signs to reduce the risk of penalty points on your licence.

Learning should be fun. If you are happy and in a relaxed environment then the learning process should be easier.


Fuel Efficient Driving

Learn how to drive more efficiently and reduce your fuel bill.. More miles for less money.

Anger Management, Anxiety and Stress Control

As an NLP practitioner I can use the technique to work on the issues of anger and help relieve the stress and anxieties of driving. This technique will help to gain a better attitude, acceptance and tolerance towards other road users. The result … safer, calmer and more enjoyable driving.

Release of traumas and phobias can also be achieved. For more information please contact me on 01502 478198.