Lesson Plans


All lessons are structured to meet with the requirement of the Driving Standards Agency. (DVSA) These are the people who examine you and give you your licence.

There will be a short number of briefings over the course which include the following:

  • Learn how to manage stress and anxiety
  • Cockpit Drill – adjustments to seat and mirrors for safety and comfort
  • Controls – learning about the foot pedals, gears, steering wheel and handbrake etc
  • Moving Away and Stopping
  • Emerging from a Minor into a Major Road
  • Approaching and Turning from a Major into a Minor Road
  • Emergency Stop
  • Meeting Approaching Traffic and Adequate Clearance
  • Hill Starts and full Clutch Control (coasting explanation)
  • Approaching and Leaving Roundabouts
  • Pedestrian Crossings and Signalling in a Clear and Unmistakable Manner (including some hand signals) Use of Mirrors (MSM and MSPSL
  • Crossroads
  • Turn in the Road
  • Left Reverse
  • Reverse Park (parallel park)
  • Bay Park
  • Right Reverse
  • Road Safety and Hazard Awareness
  • Road Positioning, Lane Markings and Use of Signs
  • Basic Car Maintenance which includes; checking the tyre pressures and refuelling
  • Urban Driving
  • Rural Driving
  • Dual Carriageways and Overtaking
  • Advanced Road Safety Awareness and Driving Techniques
  • Mock Test using the DVSA test sheet.

Visual aids are also incorporated to assist with teaching and to explain objectives required for the exercises.