Frequently Asked Questions


I welcome enquiries, so please feel free to contact me on 01502 478198 or email

Below are some questions I often get asked.

Question: What do I need to start taking lessons ?

Answer: A valid licence…in most cases that will be a UK provisional licence (old or new style) or a valid International licence, or in some cases a foreign licence which entitles the holder to 12 months permitted driving in the UK. More information can be found by looking at the DVLA official website.

Question: Do I need to have passed my theory test before I have a lesson ?

Answer: No, it is not essential for your practical driving lessons. However, you will need to have passed the Theory test before you can book your Practical driving test. (To be eligible for an “Intensive Course” you will also have had to have passed your Theory Test otherwise I cannot book a date for your Driving Test which will coincide with the end of your course.)

Question: Can I be picked up from home / work / university ?

Answer: Yes.

Question: How long do the driving lessons last ?

Answer: Standard lessons are 2 hours, Intensive courses can be up to 6 hours a day tuition, with small breaks in between.

Question: When do I pay for lessons?

Answer: If you are paying as you go (1 lesson at a time) then you should ensure you have the funds to pay me at the start of each lesson. If you are paying for a block booking, or an “intensive” course then payment MUST be made for the whole course 2 weeks prior to the first lesson.

Question: How do I pay for lessons?

Answer: I accept Cash, Paypal, and Cheques which should be made payable to Sue Cooke.

Question: If I have had lessons already with another driving school will I be forced to “start again”?

Answer: No, I will assess your skills and knowledge during your first lesson and adapt my level of instruction to your needs.